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WPATWest Papua Advocacy Team (Brooklyn, NY)
WPATWechsler Paired-Associates Test (memory functioning)
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funding and training should not go to a security force that has repeatedly and credibly been charged with human rights violations including torture of those engaged in peaceful dissent," said WPAT's Ed McWilliams.
(1,2) Adapted from reports courtesy of Tapol (http://tapol.gn.apc.org) and WPAT (http://www.etan.org)
WPAT "Radio Amor" uses the slogan of "La Unica en Mosica Romantica" (The First in Romantic Music station).
Next we show the rewriting of P = Contains (F, WPat).
This section studies the word patterns wPat in predicates Contains(F, WPat).
We first process the exact words, which are at the leaves of the wPat subtree (Figure 2).
-- 0.5; 2.4-2.1-1.9 and ties WPAT Spanish Hits SBS.
27 WFUV Fordham U Adult Alternative ties WPAT SBS Spanish 1.0.
Spanish: Univision CHR WXNY3.4.3.3-3.5, SBS Hits WPAT 1.8-2.2-2.4.
The Commission has decided to use EVMs and WPATs in the bye-election in all the polling stations.