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Recently, WPCN combined with relay begins to attract much attention.
So recently, wireless powered two way relay network (WPTWRN) gets attention by integrating two way relaying into WPCN, and this paper focuses on WPTWRN.
The HD model is popularly proposed in traditional WPCN due to simple of the system design and implementation.
In the current study, there are two typical schemes for implementing WPCN. One scheme is that the communication devices firstly harvest energy from a dedicated power beacon (PB) or access point (AP), then transmit the data to the information receiver by using the harvested energy.
This paper investigates a protocol so-called Adaptive Harvest Then Transmit (AHTT) for wireless powered communication networks (WPCNs) in multiple-input single-output (MISO) downlink systems, which assists in transmitting signals from a multi-antenna transmitter to a single-antenna receiver.
* An up-to-date protocol for WPCNs, namely AHTT is proposed, in which EH time is adaptively switched depending on the calculated channel information between the AP and the user node.
A new type of wireless network named wireless powered cooperation communication network (WPCCN), which introduces the concept of cooperation in WPCN, was recently studied in [11-15].