WPDMWavelet Packet-Division Multiplexing
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As explained in the previous two sections, the WPDM does not exhibit skinning of the paint film during harsh drying.
The WPDM was modified to accommodate equation (8) for the diffusivity, and re-run at 54.4[degrees]C and 82.2[degrees]C.
In order to test this, two additional model runs were performed using the harsh condition for horizontal panels in which the WPDM had time steps of 0.25 and 0.1 sec.
Schroder's model is even less demonstrative of skin formation than the WPDM, in spite of taking shrinkage into account.
The WPDM circumvents the heat transfer issue by using the measured metal temperature values, so only the evaporation rate effect needs to be considered here.
Since the evaporation rate (air velocity) does not reverse the difference in water concentration profiles even for this most extreme case, it is unlikely that incorporating the effect of impingement air velocity in the WPDM would have the desired effect.