WPDRWorking Party on Domestic Regulation (World Trade Organization)
WPDRWizard People, Dear Reader (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone unauthorized soundtrack)
WPDRWatershed Protection and Development Review (Austin, TX)
WPDRWatching Paint Dry Ranch
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The validation study began on January 31, 2011, and at that time, a total of 1,354 patients had enrolled in the WPDR. Of those patients, we were notified of 76 deaths or withdrawals since initial entry, resulting in 1,278 active enrollments.
For each participant, a single specialist presented data available from the validation study assessment, previous studies that used the WPDR, or records from the treating neurologist.
We initially attempted to contact the first 125 WPDR participants on the rank list and invite them to undergo an in-person assessment.
Using data collected from a prospective in-person assessment, supplemented with information from prior research participation and medical records, we found that a large proportion of the WPDR participants sampled (93.4%) fulfilled UKBB criteria for PD.
First, movement disorder specialists, who render PD diagnoses with greater accuracy than other practitioners [15], have cared for a greater proportion of WPDR participants than is typical for the US PD population.
However, it is not surprising that the validation rate of the FTF was similar to the WPDR. Both are self-selected research registries, and the participants sampled in the two studies had a similar disease duration at assessment (WPDR, 10.9 years; FTF, 8.0 years) and most had received care from a PD specialist (WPDR, 83.0%; FTF, 67.1%).
Research registries have great promise to assist in this endeavor, and since the establishment of the WPDR in 2007, sixty-two studies in the Pacific Northwest have utilized the WPDR for assistance with recruitment.
(69.) Professor Laurel Terry maintains a website listing all WPDR working documents listed on the WTO website at http://personal.psu.edu/faculty/1/s/1st3/wpdrweb.htm (last visited July 19, 2005).