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WPETWrite Past End of Tape
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From the experimental results in the glycolytic and catalytic PET conversion, it was possible to establish the optimal reaction conditions minimizing the use of catalyst (zinc acetate) and glycol (ethylene glycol): T= 195[degrees]C, t = 60 min, and ratios wEG/ wPET = 0.75 and wCat/wPET = 0.0008.
BHET yield as a function of temperature (< = 60 min, wEG/ wPET = 0.75, wCat/wPET = 0.0008) and as a function of reaction time (wEG/wPET = 0.75, ([circle]) without catalyst, (*) Cat/wPET = 0.0008).
BHET yield and wBHET/wCat ratio, as a function of the wCat/ wPET ratio.
BHET yield and ratio wBHET/wEG as a function of ratio wEG/ wPET (dashed line: stoichiometric wEG/wPET ratio).