WPSHWestern Pacific Subtropical High (climate term)
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2014), which meanwhile influences the variations of the WPSH by tropical oceanic warming (Zhou et al.
2) What are the relative impacts of the WPSH, global warming, and the urban heat island on the heatwave?
The west-extending ridge point position (WRPP) index of the WPSH is calculated (Tao and Xu 1962; Ding 1994; Liu et al.
Meteorologists [63-65] suggested that droughts during rainy seasons were caused by the westward shift of the enhanced WPSH, which blocked the transfer of warm and humid moisture from the Bay of Bengal to southwest China.
Owing to its dominance on the East Asian climate, WPSH has become one of the leading topics of interest in atmospheric sciences [3-5].
Statistical methods, in contrast, have achieved some success in forecasting the WPSH. These methods can use historical data and the computation is simple.
With the help of computer modeling experiments, the scientists found that these summer fluctuations in the WPSH are more than 65 percent predictable in spring.
The team traced the rainfall and storm variability in the Asian monsoon region to the feedback occurring between the WPSH and the underlying Indo-Pacific warm-pool ocean.
The El Nino conditions during the preceding winter strongly increased the probability of summer extreme precipitation over the Yangtze-Huai region via an enhancement and westward extension of the WPSH. The models showed a 35% contribution of anthropogenic factors to the 2016 extreme precipitation.
The WPSH and South Asian high (SAH), which are two members of East Asian summer monsoon system circulation, contribute to the summer precipitation distribution in China [30, 31].
The northwestern edge of WPSH transports a large amount of water vapor into East Asia [56], and it is measured at level of 500 hPa.
Wu believes that although Yutu is just below a relatively weak zone of the WPSH, the trough to the north is not pulling it and a high-pressure body in the east is not giving it an obvious northward thrust.