WPTSWholesale Provisioning Tracking System (telecommunication regulation)
WPTSWild Pacific Trail Society (Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada)
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Becky Hopwood (Salopian) wpts Lou Vidor (Bright Star); Josh Crossland (Scunthorpe) stpd Ryan Deall (Bright Star); Ryan Whitehead (Donnington) stpd Andy Young (Bright Star); Peter Stephenson (Bright Star) wpts Robbie Wilson (Spit & Sawdust).
Both conventional pneumatic thermostats and WPTs have space temperature sensors and the ability to send information via the existing pneumatic tubing.
Junior bouts: Brendan Doyle (Croxteth) wpts Douglas Price (Wallasey); Dennis Sparks (South Shields) w John Hassall (West Wirral); Ryan Dunning w Adam Carberry; Ryan Clark (West Wirral) wpts Keiran Glennon (Derby Lane); Keiran Sutton (West Wirral) wpts Gian Magno (Buxton).
It was Antwerp's second WPTS award after its CEO, Eddy Bruyninckx, won the WPTS Ports Award in 2012.
Speaking on the sidelines of the WPTS 2013, Captain Mohammad Al Shamisi, Executive Vice President - Ports at ADPC, said: "The signing of this MoU demonstrates a multi-party commitment and recognition, from both corporate and government agencies, of the long-term commercial value of making processing and transaction procedures at Abu Dhabi's ports easier to the end-users."
The agreement was signed at the WPTS by Tony Douglas, ADPC CEO, and Sami Al-Qazzaz, Halcrow's director for Abu Dhabi.
WPTS 2012 conferences include a dedicated emerging markets review session, which will bring together industry experts from various countries to discuss the role that these economies will play in light of developments in the Middle East.
Class 6: (Born 1989) 50kg, Lee Ward (Bridge-foot) Wpts 9-7 Terry Flanagan (Northside); 60kg, Robert Davies (Knowsley Vale) Wpts 10-9 Alfonso Vieyra (Phoenix Camp) 63kg Paul Lovell (Chester) Wpts 5-2 Ashley Peyton (Leigh); 66kg, Billy Nixon (Skelmersdale) LRSC2 Scott Cardie (Kirkham), 70kg Tom Spicer (Bridgefoot) L0C3 Jack Arnfield (Pool of Life), 75kg Adam McElhinney (Rotunda) Wpts 10-7 Joshua Spence (Mac-clesfield)
Results: Brandon Amadon (Boston) WPTS Shane Guildea (Ireland); Brett Titus (Denver) LPTS Kevan Williams (NEFRS); Luke Taylor (Ireland) LPTS Mark Harrison (NEFRS); David Ross | |BIRTLEY'S trio of boxers gained invaluable experience at the World Championships which have just ended in Hamburg.
Junior bouts - Harry Cleland lpts v Frank Stringer (Rotunda); Jo Savva wpts v Michael Jeory (Preston); Joe Carberry (Long Lane) wpts v Tobias Finch (Manx); Charlie Eadie wpts v Andre Williams (Gorton); Curtis Delacour lpts v Suraj Singh (Preston); Alex Wong wpts v Connor Owens (Long Lane); Jacob Dooley wpts v Connor Pinnington (Manx); Jay Sullivan lpts v Joe Chaliner (Sefton); Mick Hedges wpts v (Golden Gloves).