WPWINWeb Post for Windows
WPWINWordPerfect for Windows
WPWINWest Piedmont Workforce Investment Network (Martinsville, VA)
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WPWin lets you preview at full page, 100 percent, or 200 percent, plus you can Zoom in anywhere at 400 percent.
WPWin allows you to use your Windows printer driver like any other Windows application, but you also can install WordPerfect drivers and print through them.
* WPWin's Master Document and Subdocument feature is easier to use than WinWord's.
* WPWin's spelling checker is more flexible and has the ability to do pattern matches with wildcard characters.
In WPWin you must set the hard return display character through File Preferences Display, and it's permanent until you go back in and change it.
WinWord does it that way, but WPWin won,t let you use footnotes with columns, only endnotes.
* The way WinWord utilizes templates and styles is easier to understand and implement than WPWin's.
* WinWord has surged ahead of WPWin in its ability to manipulate graphics and "prettify" a document with several built-in utilities including an equation editor that is much more intuitive than the one in WPWin, a charting application for simple graphs, a drawing program for creating graphics, and WordArt, which lets you do neat things to a string of text.
As I said earlier, WPWin allows you to use a keyboard that very closely resembles the one you are accustomed to, with nearly all the function key commands retained.