WQAWater Quality Association
WQAWorldwide Quality Assurance (management systems registrar)
WQAWater Quality Assessment
WQAWater Quality Act of 1987 (FWPCA)
WQAWoolworths Quality Assurance (food and consumer products)
WQAWater Quality Advisory (various organizations)
WQAWinter Quarter Average (water utility use; various locations)
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Water is supplied to retail water districts and private water companies and used by San Gabriel Valley and some Central Basin (southeast Los Angeles County) residents, according to WQA records.
And homeowners with well water should regularly test and monitor their water, says Kelley Thompson, administrative coordinator for WQA. For farming and rural residents, she suggests testing every one to two years to check for E.
Get a system that has been certified for microbiological purification by the Water Quality Association (WQA), NSF International, or Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
Each cell value in a Resource Allocation Policy Matrix defines the relative importance of a backlog (Wc, Wqa or Wrw in Figure 6) on the resources for a development process (Initial Completion, Quality Assurance, and Rework in Figure 6).
The Water Quality Act of 1965 (WQA) was the first major statutory attempt to address the nation's growing water quality problems.
The Water Quality Association (WQA), a trade group for the water treatment industry, has admitted that it has never bothered to test whether typical treatment procedures could handle the sort of exotic toxins or bioweapons that terrorists might wield (although the WQA suspects current systems probably would do the job in most cases).
Manweb's support for the Quality Awards is founded on a desire to encourage and nurture quality business and quality service right across North Wales.'' Quality Centre chairman Vincent Kane said: "Manweb, as a founder member of the awards, has played an important role in helping us to develop quality.'' Wrexham-based Brother Industries won the WQA Manufacturing Prize, sponsored by the Welsh Development Agency 's Source Wales programme.
One in three adults don't think their water is as safe as it should be, according to a 1997 Water Quality Association (WQA) survey.
"The WQA's board included in its long-term plans, that manufactures making health claims should have the chance to be certified by someone else.
"It's possible that drinking water systems eventually will become as commonplace in kitchens as dishwashers are," says Maribeth Robb, WQA's communications director.
Standards may be developed by standards organizations such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), or by trade associations such as the Water Quality Association (WQA).