WR-ALCWarner-Robins Air Logistics Center
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At WR-ALC, a workshare arrangement is in place, but a business model has also been put in place to incentivize the PSI to influence, and hopefully drive, performance at the depots.
Even before November 2005, WR-ALC was being recognized for successes gained by using CPI initiatives.
WR-ALC is planned for the first quarter; Oklahoma City ALC at Tinker AFB, Okla.
The first TCG Chief was Victor Bowden who is still at WR-ALC.
In support of the Information Technology Desktop Management Services contract, the Croop-LaFrance/RRC team will be responsible for all WR-ALC IT equipment to include receipt, configuration, deployment and reclamation.
L-3 IS, headquartered in Greenville, Texas, and the WR-ALC at Robins Air Force Base, Ga.
The PSCM implementation project at WR-ALC is focused on the C-130B-H platform.
The winning entry discussed how WR-ALC used Operations Research in 2005 to arrive at a radically different approach to manage the repair and overhaul activity on its C-5 transport aircraft.
Tony Yarborough, branch chief for WR-ALC/LG Tech Data and Pubs, gave a presentation on how WR-ALC is migrating to paperless Technical Orders and Publications.
Evaluated the processes and benefits of the WR-ALC Workload Planning Trial, which overrides the automated process (that is, EXPRESS) for inducting items into depot repair.
Working with Realization Technologies and faculty from the University of Tennessee, WR-ALC used an O.
The agencies most concerned with vehicle classification systems--MAJCOM directors of transportation, WR-ALC Support Equipment and Vehicle Management Directorate, and the Air Force Director of Transportation--have no direct input into individual vehicle classification.