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WRADWorld Recreation Association of the Deaf
WRADWebSphere Rational Application Developer (software; online course; web development)
WRADWestern Region Alcohol and Drug Centre (Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia)
WRADWave Riders Against Drugs
WRADWestern Roots Artistic Directors (est. 1999; Alberta, Canada)
WRADWriting and Reading All Day (literacy)
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We conducted the first CCA to test the hypothesis that AG and WRAD, together, can significantly predict ADM.
The second CCA validated the hypothesis that AG, WRAD, and ADM, together, would provide explanatory power for AD.
The results indicate that the three AG (MP, PP, and PA) and WRAD have an obvious association with fewer reports of inadequacy and more reports of self-interest and promotion in ADMS.
Nevertheless, members of WRAD have indicated in informal conversation that volunteers, artists, and attendees turn out in larger numbers each year.