WRAMLWide-Range Assessment of Memory and Learning
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The three WRAML indices were also significantly correlated with each other, with Spearman correlation coefficients ranging from 0.
Although the magnitude of the association was similar for all three WRAML indices, the MeHg associations were statistically significant only for the Visual Memory Index (p = 0.
Given the associations between MeHg and the WRAML indices, we examined the components of each index to more precisely characterize the exposure-outcome relationships.
Associations between MeHg and the WRAML indices were comparable when stratified by PCB levels, except for the Verbal Memory Index, wherein suggestive differences by PCB exposure were observed.
At the exposure levels in our study, after removing outliers, there were no significant associations between prenatal PCB or DDE exposures and memory and learning skills as assessed by the WRAML.
Hair Hg concentrations were associated with lower WRAML memory and learning index scores, and this negative association was statistically significant for Visual Memory (Table 2).
2013), no significant MeHg associations were found with the Design Memory subtest of the WRAML Visual Memory Index (Myers et al.
A substantial improvement was also noted on the WRAML Learning Index, which reflects the rapidity with which a child learns new material, such as sound-symbol pairs, a word list, and the locations of hidden designs.