WRAVMAWide Range Assessment of Visual Motor Abilities
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However, in contrast with findings from roadway proximity from the previous study, methylation at the LAMB2 CpG sites was not associated with lower KBIT-2 verbal scores or lower WRAVMA visual motor subscale scores.
We did not observe associations of LAMB2 DNA methylation with other neurocognitive measurements in this study (which includes the KBIT-2 verbal test, the visual-motor subtest of WRAVMA, and the visual memory index of WRAML2).
Measuring WRAVMA Drawing Designs with Scoring Templates--Revision 7/2/02.
(4) Results for standardized cognitive assessment scores scaled to mean [+ or -] SD = 100 [+ or -] 15 (KBIT-2 verbal and nonverbal IQ; WRAVMA visual motor).
However, maternal [SIGMA]PBDEs were related to poorer performance on the WRAVMA peg-board at both 5 and 7 years, particularly for the nondominant hand.
This test battery, which was again administered at 1, 2, and 4 years after baseline, included the WRAML (Sheslow and Adams 1990), the WRAVMA (Adams and Sheslow 1995), the Trail-Making Test (Spreen and Strauss 1991), finger tapping (the WPS Electronic Tapping Test; Western Psychological Services, Los Angeles, CA), ordered and unordered verbal cancellation (Mesulam 1985), category fluency (McCarthy 1972), the Controlled Oral Word Association Test (letter fluency) (Spreen and Strauss 1991), simple visual reaction time (the Standard Reaction Timer; Software Science, Cincinnati, OH), the Stroop Color-Word Interference Test (Trenerry et al.
Particularly large improvements tended to be on performance-based tests, such as the WRAVMA pegboard and the Processing Speed composite of the WISC-III, one component of which is Symbol Search, a timed task that involves matching symbols and digits.