WRAVMAWide Range Assessment of Visual Motor Abilities
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4) Results for standardized cognitive assessment scores scaled to mean [+ or -] SD = 100 [+ or -] 15 (KBIT-2 verbal and nonverbal IQ; WRAVMA visual motor).
KBIT-2 and WRAVMA scores were standardized to mean [+ or -] SD = 100 [+ or -] 15.
However, maternal [SIGMA]PBDEs were related to poorer performance on the WRAVMA peg-board at both 5 and 7 years, particularly for the nondominant hand.
Particularly large improvements tended to be on performance-based tests, such as the WRAVMA pegboard and the Processing Speed composite of the WISC-III, one component of which is Symbol Search, a timed task that involves matching symbols and digits.