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WRBWater Resistant Board (construction)
WRBWindows Ready Boost
WRBWorld Reference Base
WRBWar Refugee Board
WRBWeb Request Broker
WRBWilliam Raggio Building (University of Nevada)
WRBWeather-Resistant-Barrier (Exterior Window, Door and Skylight installation)
WRBWorld Rally Blue (Subaru car color)
WRBWissenschaftliche Regionalbibliothek (German: Scientific Regional Library; Germany)
WRBWork Roll Bending (mills)
WRBWarranty Review Board
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As I have with all WRB issues since 2003, I edited this January/February 2018 issue.
Then a "sweet spot" WRB over plywood or OSB or gypsum sheathing (Figure 8).
Under the terms of the agreement, Diplomat is paying WRB USD 24.
A brief description of the WRB and used data are presented in Section 2.
Additionally, EPI and WRB tapped another Swedish firm Biogas Systems for the eventual development of the waste-to-energy project.
WRB completed the initial phase of its Interaction Dialer deployment July 29, 2013.
WRB has been using the Interactive Intelligence all-in-one IP communications software suite, Customer Interaction Center (CIC), since 2009 to support its contact center.
Correlation with international systems is essential for international communication of soil studies, and knowledge and classification of soils in one or both of WRB and ST is often required for publication of papers in refereed soil science journals with international distribution.
Prolonged exposure to sunlight may damage many modern WRB materials; consequently, a bevel cut rather than a 90[degrees] cut also prevents photodegradation of the WRB at the joint.
The objective of the window installation method tests was to evaluate performance of WRB design alternatives around conventional vinyl windows in stucco wall construction.
Forced by finances to suspend publication at the end of 2004, WRB is back with a new look, a new schedule (bimonthly instead of monthly), and a new and enthusiastic publisher (Old City Publishing of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), but continues to be editorially independent (and the editorial office will remain at Wellesley Centers for Women).
In March at an early stage of the appeal, State Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Skoglund upheld the original WRB finding, an important affirmation of CLF's case.