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WRDIWebSphere RFID Device Infrastructure
WRDIWorkplace Relationship Development Indicator (East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
WRDIWe Remember Dean International (fan club)
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Before WRDI, hardware vendors have had to develop the whole solution themselves, which has led to proprietary technology, rigid architectures and limited application functionality.
IBM's WRDI was developed for RFID device manufacturers who need an embedded open-standards based software platform to provide automatic RFID data collection and reporting from remote locations where on-site IT services are not available.
WRDI extracts value from the captured information and can potentially convert that information into an electronic service that can help perform strategic functions.
Alien also announced it is offering customers a specific version of the ALR-9800 incorporating IBM's WRDI middleware, which enables the seamless integration of RFID data with IBM platform-based systems and enterprise business processes.
The ALR-9800 with embedded WRDI represents the marriage of best-in-class RFID with IBM's global reach and enterprise-quality technologies and services," said Susan Pearson, Vice President of Alliances for Alien Technology.