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WRFWinchester Rimfire (ammunition)
WRFWhite Rot Fungi (environmental microorganisms)
WRFWorld Resources Forum
WRFWeather Research and Forecasting (weather forecast model)
WRFWorld Reformed Fellowship
WRFWashington Research Foundation
WRFWater Reclamation Facility
WRFWaste Recycling Facility (various locations)
WRFWorld Rehabilitation Fund
WRFWorld Research Foundation
WRFWagon Registration Fee (railways; India)
WRFWorld Rural Forum
WRFWolf Recovery Foundation (Pocatello, ID)
WRFWorkfactor Reduction Field
WRFWeighted Risk Factor
WRFWoodbridge Research Facility
WRFWaveform Repetition Frequency
WRFWordReference Forums
WRFWrite Flash Signal (optical disk writing)
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1) shows that for each 3-day CMAQ period a 12-hour pre-run of WRF takes place (3.
Aidan Cumiskey, Managing Director of Monsal said: WRF is one of the few funds that can support the strategic development of Monsal s core business.
The WRF never received the attention in terms of manufacturing tolerances the .
Three example cases are discussed below to highlight the data collected as well as to show preliminary comparisons with the WRF Model.
A second satellite-based system, MADCast, assimilates data from multiple satellite imagers and profilers to incorporate a cloud fraction for each grid column into the dynamic core of WRF (Auligne 2014a,b; Descombes et al.
WRF is a transformative foundation committed to the long, hard work of systematic change.
The agreement between the Department of State's Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration and WRF will allow for a one-year Project focused on addressing the needs of persons with disabilities by filling the gaps that exist in the provision of basic rehabilitation services.
22 WRF cartridge and propels a 45-grain bullet at about 1,300 fps.
The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model was used as the mesoscale NWP because WRF is evidenced to have the ability to simulate the near-surface wind even in complex terrain (Lai et al.
Orange County Utilities (FL) partnered with WRF on project #4227 and Halifax Water partnered with WRF on project #4447.