WRFAWorkplace Religious Freedom Act
WRFAWilderness Remote First Aid (Canada; est. 1996)
WRFAWide-Rage Frequency Audiometry (otolaryngology)
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But far from settling the controversy, WRFA has stirred up its own hornet's nest, pitting civil rights advocates against groups that advocate for religious freedom.
The intention of WRFA is lovely," said Lori Lipman Brown, director of the Secular Coalition for America, a Washington, D.
The ACLU is even harsher, calling WRFA a "dangerous bill" that will stand civil rights on its head.
Assuming both ENDA and WRFA become law (although neither is assured of passage), the potential for conflicts between the two abound.
And because neither ENDA nor WRFA have been tested in the courts to determine their constitutionality or precisely how each will be applied, there is no single correct solution in each of the three types of cases.
Under this scenario, it would appear that WRFA would require the accommodation.
The WRFA is a family-owned business founded in 2010 to bring a stronger presence of the airport and general knowledge of aviation to Worcester.
If you are unable to snag a spot on Free Fly Day, the WRFA offers introductory flights for one hour of instruction (30 minutes on ground, 30 minutes in flight) and 30-minute scenic tours, each for $135.
The WRFA offers many affordable opportunities for Worcester's youth to become involved in aviation.
The WRFA covers an area from Ripon to Doncaster and from Goole to Settle and is in the top six in the country based on size.