WRHATWhat Really Happened in Ancient Times (e-book)
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She understands the sacrifice it takes for a woman to succeed, and has a poignant sense or mixed feelings about wrhat an older woman hands down to her younger peers, such as the inevitability of resigning herself to her boss taking credit for all her ideas.
In most cases, industry's use of slave laborers was in keeping with the SS's intention to eventually work these particular Jews to death." Forced laborers, on the other hand, included anyone "who was compelled to leave his or her home in order to work for Nazi Germany." (30) In any case, compulsory physical labor (i.e., pushing human beings to the outer limits of wrhat they are capable of doing, under brutal conditions and vicious psychological and physical torture) was no less deadly than mass murder by gas or poison pellets.
They were talking about the government* and who knows wrhat.