WRIASWhite Racial Identity Attitude Scale
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A measure of White racial identity with the WRIAS found an increase in students' pseudoindependence and autonomy racial identity attitudes following training.
Internal consistency reliabilities (Cronbach's alphas) have been reported for the WRIAS (Helms & Carter, 1990) as .53, .77, .80, .71, and .67 for the Contact, Disintegration, Reintegration, Pseudo-Independence, and Autonomy subscales, respectively (Carter, Gushue, & Weitzman, 1994).
WRIAS. The WRIAS (Helms & Carter, 1990) is a 50-item, 5-point Likert-type (1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree) scale that assesses White racial identity attitudes as proposed by Helms (1984, 1990).
Correlations ranged from .01 (p = .94) between the DIT and the Autonomy scale of the WRIAS to .22 (p = .24) between the DIT and the Disintegration scale of the WRIAS.
Scores on the WRIAS, PRIAS, PSeRIW, and PSeRIP were used to categorize supervisors and supervisees in either a high or a low racial identity development group.
Consistent with this philosophy, we use the term White when referring to the WRIAS and the results yielded by it or in order to maintain language consistency when citing earlier studies.
(61) The state is divided into 62 administrative regions known as water resource inventory areas (WRIAs).
Compounding the problem, an empirically sound measurement device must be available for the theory to be tested, and mounting evidence suggests that the WRIAS may be either simply invalid or, at the least, inadequate.
(WRIAs), unless there is a specific need for a smaller area within a WRIA which is a specific hydrologic area" Chelan Agreement, supra note 174, at 7.
Correlations obtained for all six WRIAS subscales for the present sample are reported in Table 2.
The WRIAS (Carter & Helms, 1990) measures five attitudes of White racial identity development: Contact, Disintegration, Reintegration, Pseudo-Independence, and Autonomy.
The instrument that was developed by Helms and colleagues to measure the construct of White racial identity is the White Racial Identity Attitude Scale (WRIAS; Helms & Carter, 1990).