WRIBWestern Region Item Bank (cooperative employment testing resource; San Bernardino, CA)
WRIBWomen for Recreation, Information and Business (est. 1991; Canada)
WRIBWater Resource Infrastructure Branch (South Africa)
WRIBWaste Reduction Information Bibliography
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Initially, the FBVE clashed with the more parsimonious War Risk Insurance Board (WRIB).
Congratulations to Hugo Adames of WRIB's La Inconfundible in Providence, Rhode Island, who is celebrating his 25th Anniversary at the station.
A leader in Cupola installations and modifications as well as Cupola Emission Reduction and Treatment Systems guaranteed to meet all Iron and Steel MACT requirements, EC&S and GMD with team members WRIB, Escher, and the Kodiak Group take a total system approach on all Cupola Projects beginning with the Cupola Melting Operation, concluding at the Stack.