WRIECWorld Risk and Insurance Economics Congress
WRIECWestern Region Interpreter Education Center (Oregon and California)
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We thank Keith Crocker, Ole von Hafen, Julien Hugonnier, Christian Laux, Achim Wambach, participants of the 2010 World Risk and Insurance Economics Congress (WRIEC), the conference "Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate Governance for Insurance Firms" organized by ICFR and EDHEC Business School, and two anonymous referees for helpful comments.
The authors would like to thank Richard Butler, Stephen D'Arcy, Richard Derrig, Jed Frees, Cuncun Luan, Richard Phillips, Joan Schmit, Peng Shi, Gerry Suchanek, Yunjie (Winnie) Sun, Emilio Venezian, Mary Weiss, and seminar participants at the University of Nebraska, the 2005 World Risk and Insurance Economics Conference (WRIEC), and the 2006 Risk Theory Society for helpful comments and suggestions.
Here is the printed version of the report of the editor as presented to the WRIEC meeting in July 2010.
Rempala, 2005, A Statistical Analysis of the Auto BI Settlement Process and Structure of Negotiated Payments in the Presence of Fraud and Build-up, WRIEC Conference, Salt Lake City.