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WRINGWarner Robins Industry Now Group (Georgia; est. 1972)
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The MoU was signed by Nass Group director Fawzi Nass and Wring Group director John Wring.
Wring sponge out after firing or FRH drips on components
Kocurek of Ipswich, which describes itself a bespoke supplier of front-end equipment for hydraulic excavators, refurbished the 37m long arm, which had previously carried by a 65-tonne base unit in the Wring fleet.
Gay stand-up perennials like sports, the Boy Scouts, crystal meth use, and airline travel are interspersed with Ant's trying to wring humor out of interaction with the audience.
The area is currently being demolished by Wring Demolition to make way for a new apartment block.
But this month she rises to a level of eloquence that could wring your heart.
Papermakers try to wring every last ounce of efficiency from their machines.
Wring out a washcloth and use it to grasp the edge of the tub when getting out.
Ceramic blocks wring well with each other or when mixed with metal gage blocks.
But just when you might think no comedian could wring more laughs out of overdone subjects like Julia Child or Michael Jackson, here comes Cantone describing Jackson with a "clitoris for a nose.