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WRITWashington Real-Estate Investment Trust
WRITWide Range Intelligence Test
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In addition to enhancing the features of its Pelecoin technology, WRIT Media Group is investing in client acquisition across all businesses and geographies that will benefit from its Pelecoin platform, including large, established organizations as well as emerging growth companies.
This is the second petition for a writ of amparo filed by Centerlaw in connection with the government's drive versus illegal drugs.
Ngayon nasa sa desisyon niya yan kung sa tingin niya ay kinakailangan na suspendihin ang writ of habeas corpus.
The immovable property which can be sold through the issue of a writ includes only the one registered in the name of the debtor and when it constitutes his residence, such property must be left which, according to the court, is necessary for his and his family's housing.
Per the transaction, WRIT Media has acquired Pandora's Pelecoin digital currency, proprietary Blockchain technologies, and digital currency exchange, which the company will use to organise trade in digital currency instruments.
The ARY through its counsel Eitsham Aslam has filed a writ petition against the decision of complaint council saying that such comments do not exist in the program about which complaint has been lodged.
The writ petition of member of provincial assembly and advisor to CM, filed through Muazzam Butt Advocate, stated that local government elections held on May 30 among all the districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province were unfair and biased.
Following the conclusion, a pair of appendices is included to assist practitioners in the basic analysis of whether to file a writ or an Article 62 appeal.
The writ is saying the judge doesn't have the authority to move forward on the indictment, while the motion to dismiss is acknowledging that the court has the authority to act on indictment but it ought to be dismissed as a matter of law.
This Note analyzes that question, identifying the competing interests at stake and ultimately suggesting that upholding the IAD over the writ ad prosequendum would better preserve principles of federalism without eroding the federal government's prosecutorial prerogatives.
Pokemon X and Y"Battle Chateau players can send out a Silver Writ of Invitation or a Gold Writ of Invitation as they level up.
This gave candidates a 28-day period between the issuing of the writ and polling day for campaigning.