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WRITEWONCA Rural Information Technology Exchange
WRITEWaste Reduction Initiative Through Education (Arizona)
WRITEWriting Reform Institute for Teaching Excellence (various schools)
WRITEWaste Reduction Innovative Technology Evaluation
WRITEWriting Resources Interlaboratory Talent Exchange
WRITEWWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho) Rural Integrated Training Experience (University of Washington School of Medicine)
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To do a freewriting exercise, simply force yourself to write without stopping for 10 minutes," (1) without worrying about spelling, punctuation, or grammar.
When we sit down to write a letter, we are trying to reach out to someone who is absent from us -- someone we can't see, hear, or touch.
As a consequence, what I write and what I have written about diverge from the moment of their confluence and never meet again.
Why people write so differently has perplexed everyone from police sergeants to scholars.
In written homonym tests, experimenters read the women a sentence and then asked them to write an emphasized word in the blank space of a typed sentence.
First, students may speak of added confidence in their ability to read and write.
According to the site, "Whether you're a journalist, a book author or a technical or business write--whether you write poetry or miscellaneous copy--the NWU is already working to improve your professional life" (In Part 1, BOOKBYTES listed www.
In my head when I write, it's like the continuous flow of words form a sort of song.
During the read or write process, the head detects the sine waves' amplitude and phase to determine the head's lateral location on the tape and makes corrections to keep it on track.
Jensen, "Male Models of Feminine Epistolarity; or, How to Write Like a Woman in Seventeenth-Century France," in Writing the Female Voice: Essays on Epistolary Literature, Elizabeth Goldsmith, ed.
And if breaking down barriers isn't radical enough, Martin contends that people who learned to read and write also became logical thinkers.