WRLCWestern Reserve Land Conservancy (Ohio)
WRLCWashington Research Libraries Consortium
WRLCWestern Region Leadership Conference (annual)
WRLCWelfare Rights & Legal Centre (Australia)
WRLCWinding River Land Conservancy (Westfield, MA)
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After three months of negotiations, WRLC has advised the State Government they will not agree on a mechanism for delivering up to 315 tonnes of additional lobster for WA.
It was agreed that the details of delivering this additional domestic supply would be developed between the State Government and WRLC, and finalised by the end of March.
WRLC members have committed to retaining monograph titles for which there are ten or fewer U.S.
(27) Bruce Hulse, "Update on WRLC's Shared Print Archive for the June 2013 PAN meeting," accessed September 15, 2016, http://www.crl.edu/sites/default/files/attachments/misc/WRLC%20Update%20for%20PAN%20Annual%202013.doc.
No significant differences were found between the WDC and WRLC (m = 40.10) means, or between the WRLC and WRSC means.
The strongest correlation for the combined units was obtained in the WRSC condition (r = .74), closely followed by the WRLC condition (r = .70), and then by the WDC condition (r = .57).
That's a big plus for the Washington Research Library Consortium says Lizanne Payne, executive director of WRLC. The WRLC consists of the American University, Catholic University of America, Gallaudet University, George Mason University, George Washington University, Marymount University, and the University of the District of Columbia.
The WRLC, located in Lanham, Md., provides its eight university members with a shared online library catalog and administrative system using IBM mainframe hardware and the NOTIS Library Management System software.
"PACLoan will improve patron access to materials," says Lizanne Payne, Executive Director of WRLC. "It is particularly valuable for a consortium, but it is beneficial for any organization with libraries in different locations because it allows patrons to submit online requests for items anywhere in die library system."
ASERL and WRLC synchronized their archiving policies for print journals when Scholars Trust was formed.
In this article, I'll try to answer those questions by drawing on our experiences using open source software at the WRLC to develop a variety of Web-based applications and services.
The Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC) has become a member of UMI's database licensing program.