WRLSWinding Rivers Library System (La Crosse, WI)
WRLSWisconsin Regional Lily Society
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When performing WRLs in a seated position, individuals with SCI generally place both hands on the armrests or on the top part of the tires/hand rims of the wheelchair, slightly in front of the hip joints in a symmetrical position.
The high number of WRLs and of SPTs performed daily among individuals with SCI, along with the high forces and moments experienced at the elbow and shoulder joints while performing these tasks, further supports the need for detailed biomechanical investigations of these functional activities.
All were able to independently perform SPTs between seats of same heights and WRLs in a seated position without human assistance or technical aid.
After, participants completed three WRLs while sitting on a seat 50 cm high while their hands were positioned on resting surfaces set 10 cm higher than the seat (Figure 1(b)).
Telular Corporation (Nasdaq: WRLS), a designer and manufacturer of wireless products, reported on Tuesday (6 September) that it had received several new orders Latin America.
The time taken to elicit a withdrawal response of injured hind limb from the hot plate was recorded by a built-in timer with an external foot switch and termed as withdrawal reflex latency (WRL) (Wong et al., 2015).
2 shows the data for the WRL over the period of 4 weeks.
WRL was then improved during the 4-week recovery time.