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WRNSWomen's Royal Naval Service
WRNSWomen's Reserve Naval Service (US Navy)
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If C is a WRNS in Y and A [subset] B [subset] C then, [COT.sub.WRNS](A, C) [less than or equal to] [COT.sub.WRNS](A, B), and [COT.sub.WRNS](A, C) [less than or equal to] [COT.sub.WRNS](B, Q
the WRNS W no longer exists as as service - it was integrated into the Royal Navy in 1993 - but the women of the Cleveland Branch Association happily carry out this once monthly, worldwide tradition.
After school, she joined the WRNS and married Richard Hough, the biographer, with whom she had five children.
I worked there from 1938-1942, when I left to join the WRNS.
After retiring from the WRNS in 1961, Jean from Halifax, Yorkshire, set up a gift shop in Plymouth, then spent time travelling the world.
ANSWERS: 1 Harrow; 2 Mali; 3 They have all been pictured on pounds 20 notes; 4 Florida; 5 China; 6 Franz Beckenbauer; 7 Irish; 8 WRNS or Wrens; 9 The guinea; 10 The Midland Bank.
Borussia Dortmund: J Lehmann; Evanilson, C Wrns, C Metzelder, Dede;
|| Left, how our sister title the Chronicle reported victory in Europe, May 7, 1945; right, members of the WRNS (Wrens) of the Royal Navy, marching to St Nicholas' Cathedral, Newcastle, 1942
The bunker, hidden in the heart of Liverpool city centre, was home to WRNS and WAAFs during the war.