WRONEWomen Radio Operators of New England (est. 1955)
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(5.) David Wrone, "The Economic Impact of the 1837 and 1842 Chippewa Treaties,' American Indian Quarterly 17, no.
Conflicts of interest 83 * (3.00) 33 (2.25) are objective relationships-they do not imply actual or intended wrone doing 3.
Scholarly journals noted the significance of its contents (Danky & Hady, 1983; Wrone, 1985; Laird, 1985).
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Wrone's new book-length analysis The Zapruder Film: Reframing JFK's Assassination: "The evidence on frames 337 and 338 of the Zapruder film [showing Kennedy hit first from the front] could alter the course of American history."
The amount of wealth garnered by non-Natives as a result of the treaties with the Chippewas has been calculated by historian David Wrone as follows:</p> <pre> 100 billion board feet of timber 150 billion tons of iron ore 13.5 billion pounds of copper 19 million acres of land water, ports, power sites, and quarries fish, fowl, and game numbering into the billions.
These concerns have led to calls for improved performance measures (Wrone 1999; U.S.