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WRPWetland Reserve Program
WRPWorkforce Recruitment Program
WRPWrite Protect
WRPWorkers Revolutionary Party
WRPWindows Resource Protection (Microsoft Windows Vista)
WRPWetlands Restoration Program
WRPWaterfront Revitalization Plan (various locations)
WRPWestern Regional Panel (various organizations)
WRPWomen's Rights Project
WRPWestern Regional Partnership (US DoD)
WRPWaste Reduction Partners
WRPWork Restriction Protection (OSHA)
WRPWater Recycling Plant (various locations)
WRPWatershed Restoration Plan (forestry industry)
WRPWicklow Rural Partnership (est. 1994; Ireland)
WRPWitness Relocation Program
WRPWeather Research Program
WRPWork Readiness Profile
WRPWar Risk Premium (shipping)
WRPWave Rendezvous Point
WRPWorker Removal Provisions (OSHA Ergonomics Standard)
WRPWaitabu Reef Protection
WRPWarrior Resiliency Program (US DoD)
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14 April 2014 --US-based Sterne Agee Financial Services Inc said it will acquire WRP Investments, Inc.
Ohio-based WRP provides guidance and advice through more than 350 independent advisors to clients mainly in the mid-west and northeast regions of the US.
Private sector employers can access the WRP through ODEP's national Employer Assistance and Resource Network by calling 855-275-3276 or visiting asklearn.
In fact, the regeneration of the opencast land at Widdrington was the brainchild of individual members of the community, who evolved into the group now known as WRP.
HR's Office of Employee Relations' Disability Reasonable Accommodation Division (HR/ER/DRAD), which leads the Department's efforts to recruit, hire and retain persons with disabilities, funds the Department's WRP internships.
A small amount of WRP greatly reduces the amount of water entering the wood," says Knaebe.
They conducted experiments using neuronal cells in a lab dish which showed that cells enriched with WRP went on to form many filopodia, finger-like protrusions that neurons use to connect with one another.
The researchers knew from earlier human research into the genetics of one individual that when WRP is disrupted, there might be a possible link with severe mental retardation.
Additionally, WRP has begun testing water samples for multiple producers in the DJ Basin to provide a suite of customized water reclamation services, based on the local water chemistry.
To service the Master Services Contract, WRP is planning to deploy proven technology to reclaim a minimum of 4.
Finishes are grouped in six general categories: clear and lightly pigmented water-repellent preservatives (Group A), semitransparent stains (Group B), solid-color stains (Group C), paints (Group D), solid-color stains with a WRP pretreatment (Group E), and paints with a WRP pretreatment (Group F).
WRP water-ring pelletizing systems feature a hot-cut, water-ring die-face system that minimizes sensitivity to process conditions.