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WRQWrite Queue
WRQWrite Request
WRQWrite Request (TFTP)
WRQWalker, Richer and Quinn (terminal emulation software)
WRQWorker Rehabilitation Questionnaire
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Finally, we used a linear mixed model to examine predictors of standard scores on the WRQ and VASE-R across the basic and advanced trainings.
F-Secure said that it would continue to receive royalties from WRQ for the sales of F-Secure SSH product, but due to the distributor discount its encryption revenues would decline to a lower level.
A spokesperson for the company said the product advances WRQ's strategy to deliver improved host access technology to the marketplace.
Scott Merrick, director of integration marketing, WRQ, 1500 Dexter Ave.
Companies such as WRQ, IBM, Wall Data, Attachmate and OpenConnect have adopted different models to try and solve the web-to-host challenge.
As a new member of WRQ's EAI Alliance Program, Planet 7 and WRQ will jointly promote their combined solution for bridging the gap between closed, host-based applications and the growing universe of data and services offered on XML-enabled networks.
"WRQ acted quickly to take advantage of the great technologies in Windows 2000, assuring our joint customers of a reliable, manageable solution."
- integration into UNIX(R) system environments -- NFS Client and X- Server from WRQ, UNIX system command utilities and shell from MKS;
SPA offers WRQ Express Inventory, a software auditor.
Seattle software company WRQ, for example, a 700-employee shop that retains employees despite the preponderance of startups in the area, recently divided itself into three business units.
(2.) Manny Fernandez, CEO Gartner Group, interviewed on Cable News Network, "Digital Jam," May 27, 1998; Business Wire Inc., "Year 2000 Wire/NovaQuest InfoSystems Signs on ss WRQ Year 2000 Express Expert," May 18, 1998 (estimate of Gartner Group).
In response to IT managers' increasing need for robust Windows NT/UNIX interoperability solutions, WRQ, Inc., Seattle, maker of Reflection(R), Express and @Guard software, has introduced enhancements to its family of award-winning Windows NT/UNIX integration products, including Reflection(R) X, Reflection(R)