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WRRCWater Resources Research Center
WRRCWestern Regional Research Center
WRRCWorld Rock'n'Roll Confederation
WRRCWaste Reduction Resource Center (US EPA; Raleigh, NC)
WRRCWellspring Retreat and Research Center (cult-exit program)
WRRCWarwickshire Rural Community Council (UK)
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With the addition of the WRRC, it will be not only a disposal site, but a sort of swap site for the recycling of many, many more items.
Despite a highly successful championships, they debated the falling number of competitors and countries taking part which has seen a need to give the WRRC a new lease of life.
The Great North Run along with the Stramilano and Lisbon half marathons were suggested by a specialist sub-committee, which met at the inaugural WRRC meeting in Debrecen over the weekend.
Although sheets of pureed fruit have long been available as snack foods, the WRRC researchers say they are the first to explore produce-based films to enhance storage and flavor.
Director WRRC, FJWU whereas Rosheen Aqib, Visiting Faculty in Urdu department and Zeenat Afshan, Assistant Professor in Urdu Department were the judges of Urdu Debate.
In more recent times, some WRRC researchers have focused their efforts on the needs of people in the West, such as helping food processors save water and property owners safeguard their homes from wildfires.
and the WRRC to develop new castor varieties and improved agricultural technologies.
Strengthening of WRRC Peshawar for Undertaking Research in Water Resources Management was also finished utilizing money or Rs.
David Bedford, race director of the Flora London Marathon, was one of the panel of experts which met in Debrecen at the inaugural WRRC over the weekend to formulate a positive plan for the future of the event.
Humaira Ahmed, Director WRRC highlighted the background, objectives and functions of WRRC.
The WRRC research being cited by the ACS revolutionized the field of flavor chemistry by identifying major flavor compounds and developing both techniques to evaluate flavor constituents and analytical tools and methods to study flavor.
She also apprised the audience to WRRC achievements within academia that focused on gender based issues of women.