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WRSAWestern Regional Science Association
WRSAWorld Rabbit Science Association
WRSAWestern Returned Scholars Association
WRSAWhite Rumped Sandpiper (Calidris fuscicollis)
WRSAWar Reserve Stock for Allies
WRSAWestern Rifle Shooters Association
WRSAWestern Railway Supervisors Association (El Paso, TX)
WRSAWater Resources Situation Assessment
WRSAWestern Region Surfing Association
WRSAWork Related Skills and Assessment
WRSAWest River Sports Association (Londonderry, VT)
WRSAWide-band Rectangular Slot Antenna
WRSAWarning: Recolored Sprites Ahead (web comic)
WRSAWestern Region Sustainable Agriculture
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won the WRSA British Middleweight Championship title (84 kilos).
Meetings/Journal Economic Spatial Papers and Proceedings of RSA 1958/1959 59.4 40.6 Papers of RSA 1970/1971/1972 46.2 41.0 North American RSA Meetings 2000 62.3 23.2 WRSA Meetings 2002 54.2 29.2 Papers in Regional Science 2001/2002 55.6 25.0 Annals of RS 2001/2002 62.5 31.3 RURDS 2001/2002 67.7 25.8 Meetings/Journal Social Other Papers and Proceedings of RSA 1958/1959 0.0 0.0 Papers of RSA 1970/1971/1972 10.3 2.5 North American RSA Meetings 2000 13.2 1.3 WRSA Meetings 2002 14.2 2.5 Papers in Regional Science 2001/2002 19.4 0.0 Annals of RS 2001/2002 3.1 3.1 RURDS 2001/2002 6.4 0.0 Table 2.
Flynn meets Hayley Dickinson with WRSA flyweight honours at stake as she warms up for the World Championships in Ireland.
In addition, the questionnaire was sent to Canadian and American participants in the Western Regional Science Association (WRSA) Northern and Remote Regions Sessions and in the International Geographic Union (IGU) Study Group on Development Issues in Marginal Areas meetings from 1993-1995.
As a kick-boxer, White, a security guard at West Orchards Shopping Centre, has won both WRSA English and British National supercruiserweight belts - and he switches to boxing at Coventry Freestyle Kickboxing Club's show at the Jaguar Sports and Social club, in Radford, on Saturday March 27.
Louise also came out victorious when Scorpio travelled to compete in Scotland recently and she defeated Stranraer's Laura McClymont to be crowned WRSA Area champion.
* Section 112 authorizes the President to transfer to Israel, in return for concessions to be negotiated by the Secretary of Defense, with the concurrence of the Secretary of State, any or all of certain war reserve stockpiles for allies (WRSA), to include munitions, equipment, and material such as armor, artillery, automatic weapons ammunition, and missiles that:
COVENTRY Freestyle Kickboxing Gym have attracted a bumper bill for their annual Gary Johnson memorial show with two British WRSA titles at stake.
Because of our significant national commitment to Korea, in addition to supporting FMS sales, our program involves support of end items purchased through direct commercial sales, war gaming and the war reserve stock for allies (WRSA) program.
White has already powered to British honours at super-cruiserweight and the vacant WRSA cruiserweight belt will be on the line when he squares up to Sean Ford from Cardiff.
KICK-BOXING TOBIAS WHITE puts his WRSA English National title on the line next month.
Brown edged out Davies Kamara from Blackburn on a split decision to retain the WRSA English lightweight title for the Coventry Freestyle Kickboxing Club.