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WRSCWater Resources Support Center
WRSCWar Resisters Support Campaign (conscientious-objector group)
WRSCWest Riding Sailing Club
WRSCWorld Resources Simulation Center (San Diego, CA)
WRSCWest Rouge Soccer Club (Toronto, Canada)
WRSCWestern Regional Superpave Center (FHA)
WRSCWitches Rock Surf Camp (Costa Rica)
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Therefore, we predicted that employees with a strong performance approach would engage in WRSC more frequently than others would, in order to evaluate their performance relative to those others in terms of various dimensions associated with job and working conditions.
Hence, the more an individual engages in WRSC when evaluating organizational fairness, the more will self-serving biases occur, thereby causing the individual to perceive distributive injustice.
This figure shows that the WDC writing means remained high across all units, whereas the WRSC means remained lower than means for the other contingencies.
Class B - 64kg: JP Carney (Furs) WRsc 4 Andy Telford (Vauxhall), 69kg: Terry Needham (St Alys) WPts 11-7 James Metcalfe (Salisbury), 75kg: Chilton Jenkins (Kirkby) WPts 4-4 (9-9/3-2) John Cunningham (Kirkdale), 81kg: Kevin Ward (Rotunda) WPTs 9-7 Peter White (Dovecot).
JUNIOR ABA FINALS RESULTS:(bouts involving West Lanes boxers only): Class 4 (born 1991): 48kg: James Dickens (Golden Gloves) WPts 13-3 Liam Hunt (Chadd), 52kg: Paul O'Sullivan (Rotunda) WRsc 2 Danny Fletcher (Kellys), 63kg: Anthony Fowler (Golden Gloves) WPts 17-1 Mathew Wall (Newbiggin), 75kg: David Price (Skelmersdale) LRsc3 Jorgan Cetaj (Walcot).
Egans) LPts 8-8 (17-18) Mark Cameron (Sefton), 69kg: Kyle Hill (Bolton Lads) LPts 11-16 James Metcalf (Salisbury), 75kg: Kurt Grieve (Audley) LKO 2 Adam Farrell (Huyton), 81kg: Jonathon Birch (Lancaster Lads) WPts 29-16 Paul Marshall (Huyton), 86kg: Math-ew Askin (Kingscote & B) WRsc 3 Grahem Cox (Dovecote), 91kg: Anthony Dean (Darnhill & H) LPts 13-15 Wayne Adiniyi (Mersey), 91kg+: Karl Braisdell (Sharpies) LKO 1 Sean Mul-vhill (Golden Gloves).
Junior ABA quarter-finals - North West v London (bouts involving West Lanes boxers only): Class 4 (Born 1991): 48kg: James Dickens (Golden Gloves) WPts Harry Sewell (Eltham), 52kg: Paul O'Sullivan (Rotunda) WPts John Winson (Finchley), 54kg: Ged Carroll (Solly) LPts John McDonagh (Dale Youth), 63kg: Anthony Fowler (Golden Gloves) WRSC George Carmen (Dale Youth),70kg: Kieran Nelson (Sefton) LPts Jake Childs (Tottenham), 75kg: David Price (Skelmersdale) W KO1 Josh Smith (Waltham Forest).
Class 3 (Born 1992): 40kg: Kieran Smith (Golden Gloves) LPts Jordan West (Bridgefoot), 44kg: Courtney Chadwick (Pheonix) - walkover, 48kg: Connor O'Brien (Gemini) LPts Daniel Lythgoe (Kirkdale), 52kg: Joseph McKevitt (Gemini) LPts Thomas Simpson (Stockbridge), 57kg: Anthony Edwards (Kirkdale) WRsc Joseph Cromby (Long Lane), 63kg: Bradley Davies (Huyton) LPts Patrick Brown (Wigan), 75kg: Mathew Davies (Huyton) - walkover.
M CLASS 32kg S Evans (Everton Red Triangle) bt J Ayres (Hoylemill) wrsc 2.
FULL RESULTS (West Wirral unless stated): Juniors: Joey Rotheram Wpts John Ashton (Shotton); Kieran Fisher Lpts Reece Smailes (Spennymoor); Daniel Roberts (Manx) Lpts to Luke Ford (Failsworth); Graeme McGinty Wpts Aaron Parkinson (Failsworth); Connor McDaid Wpts Bryn Jones (Willaston); Jamie Tollerton Lpts Adam Ager (Skelmersdale); Jay Rutherford WRSC 2 v Jordan Powell (New Bury,Farnworth); Jay McDonald (Everton Red Triangle) Wpts James Brown (Spennymoor).