WRSLWestinghouse Rail Systems Limited (London, UK)
WRSLWestern Regional Sanitary Landfill (California)
WRSLWar Reserve Stockage List
WRSLWalter Russell Stock Liquidators Ltd. (UK)
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Respecto al Herbario de Wroclaw en Polonia (WRSL), se ha consultado via correo electronico al curador del mismo doctor Krzysztof Swierkosz, quien solo refirio que conservan algunos ejemplares de Jorge Hieronymus, aunque nada especifico sobre las especies vegetales incluidas en la EUP de 1889, cuya lista le fuera oportunamente enviada.
Weberbauer's collections were mostly described by botanists at Berlin-Dahlem (B), where his main collection was sent, in addition to duplicates distributed to American and other European institutions, including to the herbarium of the Museum of Natural History (WRSL) in his city of birth, Breslau (Wroclaw), presently located in Poland (Velarde, 1968).
The business includes Westinghouse Rail Systems Limited (WRSL), Dimetronic Signals, Safetran Systems, Burco Services, Westinghouse Signals Australia, and Foxboro Transportation.