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WRTIWessex Round Table of Inventors (UK)
WRTIWisconsin Regional Teen Institute
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WRTI became an FM-licensed radio station in 1953, reaching out to the nearby community with limited power, and adopted an all-jazz format in 1968.
At that time, the Orchestra's local broadcasts moved to WRTI, which chose to divide its broadcast day between classical and jazz.
a company based in the Philadelphia area which provides a turnkey solution for the real-time delivery of video and audio via the Internet, has helped to enable classical music lovers to plug in to Temple University's WRTI 90.
WRTI, Temple University's public radio station, is the only full-time classical and jazz radio station for Philadelphia and its surrounding areas.
Dave Conant, Executive Director of WRTI said, "Streaming classical and jazz music over the Internet brings composers and musicians into the 21st century, and helps make a connection to new groups of listeners who appreciate these art forms.
The series will be broadcast on Temple University Public Radio, WRTI 90.
We are deeply gratified by our partnership with WRTI, the Official Radio Station of The Philadelphia Orchestra," Mr.
Maxey praised the partnership with the University and with WRTI, the Number One public radio station in the region.