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WRTSWe Rule This State (Texas A&M University)
WRTSWestern Regional Trustee Symposium
WRTSWater Right Tracking System (database; Washington)
WRTSWelfare Reform Tracking System (New York)
WRTSWork Request Tracking Sub-System
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The RMS difference between WRTS and WS1, WS2, WS3, RS1, RS2, and RS3 was also calculated.
This indicates that WRTS did not fit the profile of either a constant speed walking or running trial (Figures 2a and 2b).
When the transition stride was subdivided into 20% increments, it was found that WRTS resembled a walking stride for [v.sub.hip] until the last 20% increment, and [[omega].sub.ankle], resembled a constant speed walking stride for the entire stride.
The results of the stride by stride analysis suggest that it is possible to identify the stride during which a gait transition occurs, although WRTS is not as obvious as RWTS.
Spending a few days in the life of a WRT navigator makes it easy to see the difference between the fragmented care most of us receive and the coordinated services provided for an SMI Innovations Project patient.