WRULDWork Related Upper Limb Disorders (UK)
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Fisher Action Although repeated computer use is often cited as the main culprit, the HSE found the construction and manufacturing sectors have the highest incidence of work-related upper limb disorders, and health | It's not just using computers (above) that can contribute to RSI, our use of phones (right) can too workers also have a high incidence of WRULD.
Gerhards SAH (2006) Cost-effectiveness of specific Mensendieck/Cesar therapy for screen workers with nonspecific WRULD phase one.
The Hela Glider Mouse has been unveiled by Hela, a UK supplier of advanced ergonomic computer peripherals, providing an ergonomic pointing device intended to prevent computer related injuries such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and the WRULD upper limb disorder.