WRVWhite River Valley (High School)
WRVWave Riding Vehicles
WRVWater Retention Value
WRVWestern Recreational Vehicles, Inc.
WRVWissahickon Restoration Volunteers (Wissahickon Valley Park; Philadelphia, PA)
WRVWorkshop on Virtual Reality (Brazil)
WRVWrong Return Value from Function (software fault)
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The experiment was performed in the Sector of Rabbit breeding of the Department of Animal Science of the Universidade Federal de Lavras, Minas Gerais, Brazil (21[degrees] 14' S, 45[degrees] 00' W and 918 m altitude, and with Koppen classification of Cwa) in two rabbit houses: one with ridge vent (WRV) and the other without ridge vent (NRV).
In the highly competitive segment of subcompact SUV cars, one of the country's leading car manufacturers, Honda recently launched the luxurious WRV Compact hatchback model in India.
Honda Motor Company Limited (NYSE: HMC), a Japan-based automaker, is producing a new SUV model, named 'WRV', in Brazil from the first half of 2017, according to executives at the automaker.
Testing Table 4: The characteristics of the COP coatings Viscosity (cps) Pigment Solids WRV Coatings loading (%) (%) (g/[m.sup.2]) Brookfield HHSV Control 0 51.0 174.4 365 41.3 XP8000 30 44.1 71.6 216 12.9 Astra Plate 30 45.7 79.1 116 15.1 XP6117 30 44.8 92.6 412 20.1 Table 5: Operating conditions of CLC coater Speed Coating blade Backing blade Spacer ext.
where WRV is the water retention value; [m.sub.1] and [m.sub.0] are the sample weights after centrifuging and after drying at 105[degrees]C, respectively.
Some recommended tests include fiber length, surface tension (becoming more popular), water retention value (WRV) or modified WRV, conductivity, and charge (although conductivity can skew numbers).
In 2003, WRV achieved sales of 41 million euros (pounds 27.1 million).
The water-repellency percentage value (WRV) is calculated by dividing the difference between swelling of the treated wafer and the matching untreated control specimen by swelling of the untreated specimen and multiplying by 100.