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WRVUWork Relative Value Unit (health care industry)
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Moreover, I find that for highly specialized codes, the association between RUC rotating seat representation and wRVU is positive.
Physician wRVUs are subject to a process of physician survey and subsequent committee review.
A review of the literature failed to yield descriptions of incentive-based programs for APRNs in a hospital setting based specifically on wRVUs. However, within the current organization, a physician incentive plan based on wRVUs had been in place for several years.
Clinical productivity in the incentive plan was measured by national Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) benchmarks for wRVUs for nonphysician providers (2009).
The physician work effort, or wRVU component, is supposed to reflect the physician work effort required to deliver the service.
Radiologist work effort is relatively constant per image, so compensation based on wRVUs may not have incentives all that different from those of salary.
Productivity Table for APNs/PAs (WRVU) Provider Month YTD Type Name Department June CNP Jane Jones Emergency Charges $63,403 $319,105 WRVUs 454.8 2,291.7 CNP Sue Smith Obstetrics Charges $31,826 $195,972 WRVUs 229.9 1,545.7 PyschCNS Mary Mar Psychiatry Charges $31,176 $125,400 WRVUs 255 874.6 CNP Cathy Care Family Charges $36,418 $245,441 practice WRVUs 345.9 2,398.9 Provider Month Previous Type June YTD CNP Charges $256,026 WRVUs 1,956.5 CNP Charges $175,853 WRVUs 1,484.5 PyschCNS Charges $85,416 WRVUs 764.5 CNP Charges $187,594 WRVUs 1,606.6 Table 2.
APNs and PAs and their departments were educated about benchmarking, using the MGMA survey data, and particularly related to using WRVUs as an indicator for comparison.
It is somewhat surprising to find that inpatient WRVU variation is not correlated in a significant way with total health system revenues.
These reports routinely reported physician labor productivity in the form of inpatient and outpatient work relative value units (WRVUs), a standard unit of physician services effort.
Service intensity of visits (WRVUs per visit) captures a third margin of PCP productivity--the extent to which services and procedures are concentrated per visit, thus spreading fixed costs of provider and patient time.
We created a physician-level data set that captured all WRVUs, FTE, ambulatory care office visits, secured messaging activity, and total costs of care for the PCP's adult and children panel members for each of the 32 quarters between 1998 and 2005.