WRWAWisconsin Rural Water Association (Wisconsin, est. 1987)
WRWAWestern Riverside Waste Authority (London, England, UK)
WRWAWestport River Watershed Alliance (est. 1976; Westport, MA)
WRWAWill Rogers World Airport (Oklahoma City, OK)
WRWAWestfield River Watershed Association (est. 1953)
WRWAWisconsin Regional Writers Association, Inc. (est. 1948)
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The announcement came with a whimper and there was no grand celebration, just a Press release from the WRWA.
WRWA recently created a panel, now on permanent display at the hospice, with 40 carvings as well as a children's automata (woodcarving with moving parts).
WRWA member Graham Lockwood presented Dr Roscoe with an automata in the form of her insignia of office (a rose) and a monarch butterfly.