WRWAWisconsin Rural Water Association (Wisconsin, est. 1987)
WRWAWestern Riverside Waste Authority (London, England, UK)
WRWAWestport River Watershed Alliance (est. 1976; Westport, MA)
WRWAWill Rogers World Airport (Oklahoma City, OK)
WRWAWestfield River Watershed Association (est. 1953)
WRWAWisconsin Regional Writers Association, Inc. (est. 1948)
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In the East, while groups like the MRWC and WRWA work closely with various governmental entities including NRCS, those government entities do not control the formation of the councils and they do not certify the councils for funding, as happens in Oregon and Washington and increasingly among federal agency funding programs.
The announcement came with a whimper and there was no grand celebration, just a Press release from the WRWA.
The Department of Airports said 3,925,35 passengers flew in and out of WRWA during 2017, outpacing the airports previous record set in 2014 by 91,349.