WS8BWinston Special Convoy Number 8B (convoy in the North Atlantic during the Bismarck Episode, May 1941)
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Admiral Somerville, with his Force H (Renown, Ark Royal, Sheffield, and a half dozen destroyers), was directed to join Convoy WS8B after daylight on May 26.
The 4th Destroyer Flotilla (Cossack, Sikh, Zulu, Maori, and Piorun) was detached from Convoy WS8B. The ships were directed to join and screen King George V and Rodney.
Tovey 2 battleships: King George V(f) (at Scapa Flow), Rodney (en route from the Clyde to Boston with Britannia) 1 aircraft carrier: Victorious (825 Sqdn) (at Scapa Flow, to escort Convoy WS8B) 1ST BATTLE CRUISER SQUADRON (BCS 1) Vice Admiral Commanding, Battle Cruiser Squadron: Lancelot E.