WSACWashington State Association of Counties
WSACWashington State Arts Commission (Olympia, WA)
WSACWeb Site Advisory Committee
WSACWater Supply Advisory Council (New Jersey)
WSACWeapons System Analysis Capability
WSACWashington State Apprenticeship Council
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* WSAC chose Laserfiche because it has a familiar Windows-like look that is easy to understand and to teach.
* The Laserfiche SDK allowed WSAC to create custom integrations with existing software applications.
These repressive actions were aimed at marginalizing the WSAC.
Early in 1931 I received an urgent call to take part in a special Toronto meeting of the national executive committee of the WSAC. Having been released on bail pending our appeal, it was possible for me to attend.
If the AAU and WAAF dramatized debates about masculinity, femininity, middle-class respectability, and nation building, the WSAC and the NHL symbolize the tensions between a socialist and internationalist vision of sport, on the one hand, and the professional or capitalist organization of sport, on the other.
[8-10] The 2013 updated WSACS guidelines recommend IAP monitoring when there is any known risk factor for the development of IAH/ACS in critically ill or injured patients.
MLNG Malbrain is the founding president and member of the executive committee of the WSACS and current treasurer.
The current WSACS definitions, incorporating the grades of severity of IAH, are based on expert consensus and an understanding of the known pathophysiology of IAH (2).
We defined ACS as a sustained elevation of IAP 20 mmHg associated with new organ dysfunction according to the consensus criteria of the WSACS (1,2).
Consequently, WSACS recommends an APP value of 50 to 60 mmHg in patients with IAH/ACS (2).
An IAH/ACS management algorithm has been developed by the WSACS. (1)
The medical treatment options to reduce IAP (as recommended by WSACS) focus on improving abdominal wall compliance; evacuating intra-luminal contents and abdominal fluid collections; correcting positive fluid balance; and providing organ support.