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WSAGWeb Service Agreement
WSAGWhen Skies Are Grey
WSAGWashington Special Actions Group
WSAGWorld Scholar-Athlete Games
WSAGWall Street Athletic Group (Atlanta, GA)
WSAGWaste Strategy Area Group (UK)
WSAGWorking Study Advisory Group
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(61) To avoid this scenario, WSAG, meeting on April 14, agreed to the delivery of 3,000 captured AK-47'S from South Vietnam, together with medical supplies, to the Cambodian government.
(34.) Minutes from the WSAG, 10 September 1970, FRUS, 1969-1976 XXIV: 222.
(38.) Spiegal, 196; Haig to Kissinger, 17 September 1970, FRUS, 1969-1976 XXIV: 253; and, Minutes of WSAG Meeting, 17 September 1970, FRUS, 1969-1976 XXIV: 254
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On September 9-10, the WSAG sought to delineate the consequences of a protracted U.S.
The WSAG updated its plans on September 15, with special emphasis on scenarios that the United States might face in Jordan.
As these forces steamed east, the WSAG concluded that carriers would provide most, if not all, of the airpower required to support the Jordanian army, conduct a show of force, or accomplish a noncombatant evacuation operation or resupply mission.
Faced with all these requests, the WSAG encountered difficulties making timely assessments given delays in obtaining current tactical intelligence and in communicating with King Hussein in war-torn Jordan.
The WSAG meeting on August 19 began with a contentious discussion of possible actions.
This last WSAG meeting ended with a decision to continue contingency planning and move the F-111 aircraft and USS Midway.
The Secretary of State knew what he wanted out of the WSAG meetings.