WSARAWeapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act of 2009
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WSARA also required competitive prototyping (at system or subsystem level) prior to the Milestone B decision.
WSARA improved the DoD's assessment of troubled acquisition programs by establishing the PARCA office, which conducts root cause analyses of critical Nunn-McCurdy breach programs and follow-on performance assessments of those programs in an effort to prevent future cost and schedule growth.
1867) includes a provision (Section 153) that would require DOD to report on how it plans to implement, as part of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program, provisions of WSARA that require major weapons programs to allow for the possibility of periodic re-competition for the prime contract and for major subcontracts.
Conversations with Pentagon officials suggest that, beyond loads of new paperwork requirements, WSARA may not be the game changer that Congress had envisioned, said David J.
The WSARA prescribes several changes across the entire DoD, many of which were intended to address weaknesses identified in a March 2009 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report.
More recently, with the enactment of the WSARA, the Congress codified these responsibilities and established the CAPE Directorate by realigning the existing PA&E organization and billets.
In 2009, the WSARA had yet more fully declared a new policy, and the following year Better Buying Power had effectively declared "TSPR RIP" (Grundman, 2010, p.
With WSARA, the product support manager (PSM) was now a key leadership position (KLP) along with the program manager (PM).
One particular source of unhappiness is the creation under WSARA of a director of cost assessment and program evaluation.
Another 10 years would pass, and the Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act (WSARA), Public Law (PL) 111-23, resurrected the DT&E office.
The Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act (WSARA) of 2009 is the latest effort, and it incorporates definitions for two categories of weapon system breaches: significant and critical (Pub.
The Weapons System Acquisition Reform Act (WSARA) of 2009 is the most recent attempt by Congress to help DoD acquisition.