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WSCFWorld Student Christian Federation
WSCFWeb Services Contract First
WSCFWeb Services Coordination Framework
WSCFWeb Services Contract First (software)
WSCFWestern Sydney Community Forum (Australia)
WSCFWisconsin Scholastic Chess Federation (Milwaukee, WI)
WSCFWaste Sampling and Characterization Facility
WSCFWall Street Capital Funding, Inc. (est. 1989; Georgia)
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WIF and WSCF were characterized by end-group analysis [acid value (AV) and hydroxyl value (HV) determinations], HV was determined by acetylation of samples dissolved in acetylation reagent (pyridine-acetic anhydride).
(24) Marian Kuna, "God, Christian Values and the European Constitution: Should the Latter Refer to the Former and Why?" Rebecca Blocksome, Nagypal Szabolcs & Peter Sajda (eds.), Conflict Resolution and European Integration, Ecumenical Anthology III, WSCF Central European Subregion (BGOI & WSCF-CESR, Bratislava, 2004), 103110.
Since 1997 the WSCF has been organizing peace building conferences and conflict transformation workshops in the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes region.
The regions were united under the umbrella organization, the WSCF, whose executive offices were located in Geneva, Switzerland.
NOMENCLATURE PET Polyethylene terephthalate TPA Terephthalic acid EG Ethylene glycol BHET Bis(2-hydroxyethyl terephthalate) [M.sub.v] The viscosity average molecular weight [M.sub.n] The number average molecular weight DEA Diethylamine TEtA Triethanolamine WIF Water insoluble fraction WSCF Water soluble crystallizable fraction AV The acid value HV The hydroxyl value AMV The amine value SOFA Soybean oil fatty acid PA Phthalic anhydride G Glycerine AP Aminolysis reaction product of waste PET AGP Aminoglycolysis reaction product of waste PET AHP Simultaneous aminolysis-hydrolysis reaction product of waste PET AD Air dried OC Oven cured TGA Thermogravimetric analysis REF-AR Reference alkyd resin AP-AR AP-based alkyd resin AGP-AR AGP-based alkyd resin AHP-AR AHP-based alkyd resin REFERENCES
After the war, however, the determination to overcome racial and national divisions was so strong that it is not an overstatement to designate the 1920s the era of "world friendship." (8) Women's missionary societies adopted it as a key rationale for their work, replacing the older maternalistic rationale "woman's work for woman." The WSCF started "European Student Relief" to raise money and assist homeless and poverty-stricken students.
The water insoluble fraction (WIF) and water soluble crystallizable fraction (WSCF) were characterized by determining the acid, hydroxyl, and amine values, as well as FTIR analysis.
The name Ruth Rouse (1872-1956) may not resonate with many today, but a century ago in the heyday of the Student Volunteer Movement (SVM) and its successor, the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), hers was a name to conjure with.
It is an ecumenical fellowship and a constituent member of the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF).
Ninan Koshy (Hong Kong: WSCF AP, YMCA & CCA, 2004), 28.
Raw materials Symbol of Fatty Polyol Diol Dicarboxylic View of the the alkyd acid acid resin resins A-WIF-20% SOFA PE EG 80%PA+ 20%WIF Homogen A-WIF-40% SOFA PE EG 60%PA+ 40%WIF Homoaen A-WIF-60% SOFA PE EG 40%PA+ 60%WIF Gel Formation A-WSCF SOFA PE WSCF PA + WSCF Homogen A-REF SOFA PE EG PA Homogen Testing of Alkyd Resin Films
(4) The more recent history of the movement, through the tempestuous 1960s and 1970s, is covered by Risto Lehtonen's Story of a Storm and is continued up to the 1995 centenary of the foundation of the World's Student Christian Federation (WSCF) by Philip Potter and Thomas Wieser's Seeking and Serving the Truth (1997).