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WSCHWashington State Coalition for the Homeless (est. 1984)
WSCHWeighted Student Credit Hour (various schools)
WSCHWeekly Student Contact Hour
WSCHWorld Stem Cell Hub
WSCHWest Side Community House (Cleveland, OH)
WSCHWorld Cup Security Control Headquarters (international soccer)
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WSCH is run by Hwang Woo-Suk, the professor at Seoul National Univ., Korea, who was the first person to clone a human embryo in early-2004 and take stem cells from it.
These copolymers were examined in three ways: (a) binding to "empty" HLA-DR2 ([DRB1.sup.*]1501) synthesized in a baculovirus system, (b) inhibition of the four MBP 85-99- or PLP 40-60-specific HLA-DR2-restricted T cell clones, as well as the two PLP 139-151-specific H-[2.sup.s]-restricted T cell hybridomas, and finally (c) ability to suppress EAE induced by either PLP 139-151 or whole spinal cord homogenate (WSCH) in H-[2.sup.s] mice.
These issues highlight: (1) the workforce gap in Silicon Valley; (2) the long-range forecast for enrollment and weekly student contact hours (WSCH) for the district; (3) careers for 2000; (4) the tightening of high school requirements for California State University; (5) Hispanic and Asian students; (6) community college trends; (7) service learning in community colleges; (8) the income gap; (9) the teacher shortage in California; (10) ten recommendations for college governing boards with regard to campus technology trends; (11) foreign labor; (12) 10 public policy issues in higher education; (13) educational equity; (14) California's population; (15) learning-centered colleges; and (16) housing prices.