WSCIWeb Services Choreography Interface
WSCIWeb Service Choreography Interface
WSCIWestern Summit Constructors, Inc. (est. 1981; formerly Summit Constructors; Denver, CO)
WSCIWestern Society for Clinical Investigation
WSCIWholistic Stress Control Institute
WSCIWeb Services for Coalition Interoperability (various nations)
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This concept leads to the development of numerous technologies, such as WS-BPEL [2] and WSCI [3], which create the ability to integrate distributed WS into a business process (or process model).
[3] W3C, "Web Service Choreography Interface (WSCI) 1.0,"
The slights of literary hand whereby these subjectivity effects--and displays of conventional middle-class morality--are created will occupy us shortly, but suffice it to say for now that Wood delivers up THWS in the guise of WSCI for postal code NW3 and zip code 20016, a man who exactly matches the sensibilities of the people who viewed the televisual version of this project over BBC2 in 2003 and later over PBS in the United States.
The media love "new" news about WSCI. "Or is it mere eccentricity, bordering even on mental instability ..., a perverse desire to challenge orthodoxy in the face of reason?" (388).
BPEL, which competes with both BPML and WSCI, is likely to win out as the BPM standard by virtue of the market strength of IBM and Microsoft.
Cape Clear is shunning the WSCI effort, developed by Sun Microsystems Inc with Oracle Corp's backing and then handed to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards group.
But O'Toole's comments make it even less likely that there will ever be a compromise between BPEL and WSCI in this vital area of web services orchestration, otherwise known as workflow.
But in an interview with ComputerWire, IBM's Bob Sutor, director of WebSphere Infrastructure Software and a key thinker when it comes to IBM's standards efforts, said that the chances of IBM lining up behind the W3C's Web Services Choreography Interface (WSCI) standard are remote.
SAP is taking a role in the standards creation process for web services as a founding member of WS-I (Web Services Initiative) and a contributor to the WSCI (Web Service Choreography Interface) industry coalition.