WSCPWater-Soluble Chlorophyll Protein (plant physiology)
WSCPWhite Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy
WSCPWorld Checklist of Selected Plant Families (database; Royal Botanic Gardens)
WSCPWireless Service Control Point
WSCPWarfighting and Support Capability Plan (US Navy)
WSCPWater Supply Contingency Plan (various locations)
WSCPWorksite Smoking Cessation Program (various locations)
WSCPWall Street Creative Partners (hedge fund; New York, NY)
WSCPWord-Stem Completion Priming (cognitive processing test)
WSCPWater-Soluble Chelating Polymer/Ultrafiltration
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7) filius hominis tradendus est in manus hominum (Mr 17.22) sunu monnes gesald bid in hond monna (Li) sunu monnes bid said in honda monna (Ru1) mannes sunu ys to syllenne on manna handa (WSCp) 'Man's son is to be given onto the hands of men' Here the element order differs between Li and Ru1, the former being faithful to Latin.
8) sicut locutus est ad patres nostros abraham et semini eius in saecula (Lk 1.55) suae gesprecen waes to fadores usra 7 sede his In worulde (Li) swa sprecende waes to feder userne abrahame 7 sede his od to weorlde (Ru2) Swa he spraec to urum faederum abrahame 7 hys saede on a woruld (WSCp) swa he spraec to urum faeder habrahame 7 hys saede on a woruld (WSA) 'As he spoke to our father Abraham and to his seed for ever' L locutus est is a repeated expression which usually introduces direct speech.
9) et dicentem se christum regem esse (Lk 23.2) 7 cuoedende hine cristum cyning pte woere l pte se (Li) 7 cwedende hine crist cynig bte were (Ru2) 7 segd p he si crist cyning (WSCp) 'and says that he should be Christ the king' Dicentem here can be translated cwedende grammatically, but WSCp uses the simple present form segd.
ire (Mt 2.22); fara l to foerenne (Li); gangan l foeran (Ru1); to farende (sic) (WSCp); to faranne (WSA).
uenturus es (Mt 11.3); to cymende woes l is (Li); cwome scalt (Ru1); to cumenne eart (WSCp); to cumenne eart (WSA).
uenturus est (Mt 16.27); tocymmenda is (Li); cymetp l cymende is (Ru1); ys to cumenne (WSCp); ys to cumanne (WSA).
to gedrowed) (Li); prowende bid (Ru1); to prowigenne (WSCp); to prowianne (WSA).
bibiturus sum (Mt 20.22); drincende beom l drinca willo (Li); drincande beom (Ru1); to drincenne hcebbe (WSCp); ic to drincanne haebbe (WSA).
ad seminandum (Mk 4.3); to sawenne (Li); to sawend (sic) (Ru2); to sawenne (WSCp); to sawenne (WSA).
tradentes (Mk 13.11); sellende (Li); to sellanne (Ru2); syllende (WSCp); syllende (WSA).
plectentes (Mk 15.17); cursendo l sloegendo (Li); sloende l cursende (Ru2); awundenne (WSCp); awundenne (WSA).
ad sanandum (Lk 5.17); to hoelenne (Li); to gehoelende (WSCp); (5) to gehcelanne (WSA).