WSCTWest Sussex County Times (newspaper; UK)
WSCTWest Side Civic Theatre (Lewisville, NC)
WSCTWisconsin Sorting Card Test (psychiatric tool)
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After intervention, all the subjects were reassessed in communication, social interaction, and patterns of restricted interests and repetitive behavior through ADI-R and in cognitive flexibility through WSCT.
Caption: FIGURE 4: Funnel plot for standard error in publications of cognitive flexibility (WSCT).
(2011) 19 USA Rothlind (2015) 164 USA Tramontana (2015) 30 USA Nelson Modified WSCT Castelli et al.
There is limited research on the ego development of counselors-in-training using the Washington Sentence Completion Test (WSCT).Two relevant studies were conducted by Borders, Fong, and Neimeyer (1986) and Carlozzi, Gaa, and Liberman (1983).
The 18-item version of the WSCT was used to measure ego development, and both of Helms's versions of the Racial Identity Attitude Scales (i.e., RIAS-W and RIAS-B) were used.
Numerous studies have established that the WSCT is a reliable and valid measure of ego development.
Twenty-five to fifty percent of patients with TLE without apparent frontal damage have shown impaired executive performance on WCST (16), and some studies have also found an improvement on the WSCT performance after ATL (17,28).
Bao and Dou [60] use finite state machine (FSM) to recommend the legal invocation orders of these services and an improved tree-pruning-based algorithm is proposed for creating the web service composition tree (WSCT) for optimal service selection.