WSDFWorld Sustainable Development Forum (New Delhi, India)
WSDFWashington State Dairy Federation (Elma, WA)
WSDFWrong Side Driving Friday (weekly tradition for US military troops in Japan)
WSDFWestern Shoshone Defense Project
WSDFWeb Service Definition File
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The schema defining the structure of the proposed WSDF file is specified in the Appendix.
The following is an example of a WSDF file for the CurrencyServerWebService mentioned previously as an example.
for remaining operations </operationList> </servicedescription> 3.2 Search for Web Service using WSDF file
Provided the Web Service provider creates and publishes the WSDF file of the exposed Web Service the Web Service consumer is to write a Web application consisting of two parts:
--a Web crawler searching for all .WSDF files on Web, parsing the XML of each WSDF while analyzing the <categoryList> and <operationList> tags in order to find out whether they contain (or are similar to) the category and operation entered by user.
The WSFinder is suggested web searching tool for a Web Service consumer to find out a narrow list of web services by analysing WSDF files found by the web crawler on the Web.
This page is to have, apart from the prescribed reference to WSDL, also a reference to WSDF file as a standard.
Should the Consumer opt for the CurrencyServerWebService then the web page with an incorporated reference to the WSDF will be downloaded.